Welcome to the Jungle

It starts with a clear, threefold guitar riff before the drums hit ten times and the ambience is raised to a steady pulsating rock spectacle. So get ready, Axel Rose’s incisive voice welcomes you to the big city jungle.

This is the song for the ones who make it through, through a powerful box work-out.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns’n Roses

From the 1987 album Appetite for Destruction it was celebrated as a breakthrough in mainstream hard rock, being fierce and raw. Fierce is exactly what we are when we are in our zone.

Welcome to the Jungle is 4:34 minutes of rapidly passing by, constantly changing, never the same sound. At times melodic, at others intense, yet always evenly rhythmic.

At 1:39 Axel reminds you to scream, so give it your all when you hit the punch back.

Slash’s almost minute long guitar solo at 2:54 accompanied only by the drummer’s pulse lets you forget everything around you and fully concentrate on your mark and movements. You are now completely in a harmonious punch flow.

Longer than a three minute round this song challenges you, and still gives you times to breathe.

What is on your song list inciting you?


Eye of the tigress

No other tune says boxing as this one, thanks to the third installment of Sylvester’s epic pic.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Now a classic of the early 80’s and some may call it cheesy. Personally I quite like it.* It has a consistent rhythmic beat, though not too quick a beat. Good for oscillation. I would use this song to start my work on the punch bag before hitting it hard once I got into the groove. Fittingly, a memorable intro precedes the core part of the song.

It is a song for fighters and uplifts your mood with a message to keep going against the odds.

*In a side note: Given its release date, it could have formed me in my making, haha. I said it all along, I’m an 80’s kid.

Box tracks

Boxing is rhythm. Use the right tracks for you for more fun during work-out and more fluid moves. Get in the zone where it is just you and the punching bag for the ultimate discharge of energy. Which tracks old or new keep you going?