Now in the movies: Southpaw

There is a new box movie in town. Given the synopsis it is your typical Rocky all over. Let’s go through it.

A New York man – hey, I’m in New York right now, what a coincidence – from humble not to say tough beginnings makes it big through fighting. The make it or break it kind of starting position. Billy’s life seems to be on the right course with victories, praise and a happy family life. This is when the real tragic occurs, as Billy loses his wife in an accidental gunshot. In consequence of him being unable to get over it other than with drugs, his daughter is placed into custody. His path to redemption can be a broadcasted comeback. This is when we can see some hard training from the comfort of the armchair.

Southpaw has acclaimed actors we like to see: Jack Gyllenhaal as Billy, Rachel McAdams as his wife and Forest Whitaker as the straightening him up coach.

GWB Southpaw

Image Credit: Naano94

Southpaw (opened July 24th, 2015) can be seen in major movie theaters in the US everywhere and shortly overseas as well.

How did you like it, worth the pay or better save on your gym membership or an actual fight?


Box flicks

I love a good story. Who doesn’t?!

Sometimes you just don’t want to be the protagonist of your story. That’s ok. Take a break from working out. In fact your body needs the recovery or change. Your skills may even improve as your mind and body have time to process the new techniques you have learnt.

To still keep your motivation up when you are on the sideline, how about a movie? There are plenty of cool and inspiring movies about boxing. The best known of course being Rocky.

Many movies about boxing take men at the center, but there are also a number of female boxers protrayed. Let us feel the energy in their transformation.

I have never watched movies about boxing. Now might be a good time to start. You’ll read my take on the classics and new ones alike as I see them for the first time.

Let me know your suggestions which one to watch first – and then next.