K.O.K.O. Wings

Recently, I was spending a few months in Quito, Ecuador. (Yes, a post about boxing there is to come.)

While boxing is definitely happening there, what caught my eye and taste even more was a chicken wing shop in complete boxing theme. Oh my, was it delicious.

Bunker Food Park located in central Mariano Aguilera, Quito 170517, Ecuador offers a variety of cuisines in trendy L.A. food truck ambience. The park is operated by craft beer brewery UIO (as in the IATA flight code for Quito).

Out of all, my favorite by far is K.O.K.O. Wings. And not just because of the boxing sack and glove on display. A set of 6 wings plus fries for US$ 6.99 in your preferred flavor and spiciness is a satisfying portion. I chose Teriyaki, my partner BBQ and both truly hit the spot. Can I have another one, please?

In a country that knows how to do chicken, this is the ultimate knockout.


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