Santiago de Chile

After my stay in New York I am now in Santiago de Chile. By the way, New York distracts massively from focused training. There is just so much else to do. I went to classes on a more or less (rather less than more if I am frank with myself) regular basis. Now, I am ready to take on the challenge again and punch hard.

Fittingly, Chile is the home to the current bantam-weight world champion in women’s boxing: Crespita Rodriguez. This is where I’ll be looking up to.

Already done the research I have decide on a studio to train which is essential and warm. Usually, my decisions on a studio have been heuristic and straight-forward. This time it was a bit more tricky. I was between two, both with great features speaking for them. And both quite different from each other. The one has what the other doesn’t and vice versa. Tough choice, neither would have been a bad one. Made up my mind and didn’t look back since. It’s the old-school type of training with lots of applied action. Read next how I compared.

Note from the author: It is a hassle to constantly find new studios, doing the research, having some training down-time in between. Nevertheless, training in different studios and with different coaches, gives the benefit of improving a variety of techniques, fitness and areas for each coach has his particular expertise, style and focus. Plus, you get plenty to read about.


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