Welcome to the Jungle

It starts with a clear, threefold guitar riff before the drums hit ten times and the ambience is raised to a steady pulsating rock spectacle. So get ready, Axel Rose’s incisive voice welcomes you to the big city jungle.

This is the song for the ones who make it through, through a powerful box work-out.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns’n Roses

From the 1987 album Appetite for Destruction it was celebrated as a breakthrough in mainstream hard rock, being fierce and raw. Fierce is exactly what we are when we are in our zone.

Welcome to the Jungle is 4:34 minutes of rapidly passing by, constantly changing, never the same sound. At times melodic, at others intense, yet always evenly rhythmic.

At 1:39 Axel reminds you to scream, so give it your all when you hit the punch back.

Slash’s almost minute long guitar solo at 2:54 accompanied only by the drummer’s pulse lets you forget everything around you and fully concentrate on your mark and movements. You are now completely in a harmonious punch flow.

Longer than a three minute round this song challenges you, and still gives you times to breathe.

What is on your song list inciting you?


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