Burpee, how do I love thee

Let’s get our body in shape to stand the distance. This neat little exercise is a true indicator of your fitness. If you try it out now at the beginning of your boxer’s life you will not be amused. But do them again and again and you’ll see how far you have come. It isn’t for nothing that the Burpee originated as a assessment of fitness and was rapidly adopted by the army. Let’s go through it one step at a time.

  1. Begin standing upright
  2. Jump or better said drop down into a crouch
  3. Push your feet backwards to get into a plank
  4. Jump back to your feet into the crouch
  5. Jump up with your arms raised and your body stretched

And now: Repeat!!

GWB burpee

Credits: Gabriela Serrano

The difference to burpees is that the sprawl stretches your stomach additionally. This is done during the plank position. Just get into a yoga-like Cobra position looking up while still standing on your toes. Most coaches like to insert a set or two of burpees in between technical and physical training when you least expect it, let alone think you can do any more. You’ll be surprised how much further you can push. Better learn how to love them because burpees are here to stay.


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