Hamburg: Legacy

In a different place on a different continent: A boxing gym in Northern Germany.

When you leave a place it is comforting to take a few pieces with you. Habits are such pieces. Boxing was mine. I have been hooked since day one at Ipanema Fight in Rio de Janeiro.

Then I spent time at my roots in Hamburg, Germany. I hadn’t known about a studio in my area. As fortune wants it, a week after arriving and still settling in I walked through the pedestrian precinct of downtown of German suburbia Pinneberg and saw the sign. A poster for a martial arts gym close to home!

A few days later I checked the homepage, called and announced myself for a test training. I didn’t need to check out any other place because the Legacy is a fantastic gym with excellent trainers and a welcoming crowd.

The Legacy has several classes with different time slots. There are also classes for children, for teenagers and several other disciplines. As far as boxing is concerned you have the choice of three classes all with two sessions per week each.

  • 6:00 PM on Mon + Fri
  • 7:00 PM on Wed + 5:00 PM on Sat
  • 9:00 PM on Mon + Wed

The management is friendly and accommodating. If for example only one day of one class suits you and another of a different class you can probably mix and match according to your personal availabilities.

The first two on the list are regular box classes which include sparring. The later one is a business boxing class without sparring. Business boxing doesn’t imply wearing a suit. It rather takes out the eventuality of a black eye from direct if friendly combat which many people in their day-time job would want to avoid risking.

As I arrived for my first test training in the big black and red hall with a ring to the left back corner and six black and red punching bags on the right back corner, a wide open area for free training in the front and an equipment corner to the front left, I was impressed. Everybody greeted each other with a fist bump signalised unity and openness. A nice touch is the wide use of coded T-Shirts.

I started my first day with the regular box class which was good and a tough as can be. This was already a tougher crowd than I was used to. All of them kind, many of them quite advanced and most with a focus on training for actual fights. I managed the session well, but I still wanted to compare it to the business boxing class before signing up. Already at the following opportunity I was there and I have stayed true ever since.

The instructor of Business boxing is Babak. He is a sports science major in his mid-twenties. His primary disciplines are BJJ and Allkampf. At Legacy he trains us, the non-fighting adults, and the youngsters as well. His expertise from his studies shows and he knows to illustrate the science behind it all.
Babak does an exceptional job at keeping training diverse and effective. Did I mention exhaustingly intense and us on our toes?! When we start off lightly with rope-skipping we know we are in for a 60+ min. session that has it in it. Soon he’ll tell us to drop the rope and get down. Push-ups in its various forms or a series of sprawls or burpees (be sure to find an article on this beast some time soon) are the consequence. And up again continuing to jump.

After a good 15-30 min. warm-up and strength training we partner up for technique. Versatile sequences keep our mind sharp and transmit movements which become second nature. Every now and then we do circle trainings in always novel formations. Babak’s training always ends on a high note punching into the sack as hard as we can. If you hadn’t given your all before, here you turn into a force of nature.

On rare occasions Pascal or Clemens fill in for Babak. Independently of how good your trainer is, switching up the routine and having someone else train you every once in a while is an alternation to make use of. It lets you learn something new or exercise slightly different muscle groups. All for improving yourself.

GWB Legacy 042015

Credits: Pascal, Legacy

The group felt super approachable from day one. Many times I’m the only girl, but every other session a fellow female fighter joins. Sessions vary in numbers and many don’t come every single time, but after several week I have seen everybody of the roughly 15 members of this group.
Here and then we welcome newcomers who have a hard time catching their breath during the first couple or more sessions. Many come with some kind of previous box experience, but it is not a prerequisite. In fact for beginners the business boxing session is probably the best choice as it introduces to technique if needed slowly. One can increase the intensity with increased fitness.

Situated in an industrial park in Pinneberg, the Northwestern corner of Hamburg. The studio is easily accessible by car from the Autobahn A23, exit Pinneberg-Nord. It’s in the rear building on Flensburger Str. 5. The front building is a tire supplier. Lot’s of parking space is available.

For two sessions per week the monthly fee is 45 EUR for a 6 months period. It get’s cheaper the longer you sign up for. If for any reason you move away the contract can be cancelled from the date of your move as is customary in Germany. As in most gyms, there is a sign-up fee, here it is 24 EUR.

With your membership you can additionally train on the equipment during opening hours given it doesn’t interfere with an ongoing session. Usually it won’t. For anyone on a more sporadic regiment or short term stays they Legacy offers a 10 session card as well which.

As comes through from my description, Legacy has definitely left a legacy in me. Excellent gym with intense training and familiar atmosphere.

Go ahead. Schlag zu!


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