The jab

Here is our first punch. Let’s take it slow to master this fundamental technique.

In principle the jab is a straight-armed fully extended punch with your fist in horizontal orientation. If you are a right-hander your jab is done with your left hand. Sinistrals will usually hit with their right, making them true southpaws.

Coming from your starting position you have your guard up with your arms and elbows in front of your body, both your hands at your face and the chin facing downwards. This is the place from where your punch comes with a quick straight move. Don’t haul out! Your punch comes from your elbow.

If you work together with a partner using focus mitts or alternatively gloves you’ll hit slightly diagonal towards your partner’s right hand, respectively her left if you are a southpaw.

When you hit the jab and your arm is out raise your shoulder as close as you can towards your cheek. This way your shoulder functions as your guard while your hand is away. The other hand is always up as guard.

Hit rapidly and bring your hand back to your guard as quickly as possible. Take care not to over-extend your arm as this can damage your elbow. You’ll feel it.

As goes for all punches, the power comes mostly from your hip rotation which you’ll read about in another post.


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