Gloves are on

Within the boxing section of the main sports outfitters, you can usually find one or two gloves targeted at women. While ergonomics aren’t different from men, it’s about size and not least color. Rose and pink seem to be the go-to-colors of most manufacturers when it comes to products for women. Talk about stereotype. Male gloves mainly come in solid shades of black, red or blue. Why not shake this up a bit. I could imagine female gloves in original turquois or energetic orange.

Yes, I have pink gloves, somewhat by default. However, I didn’t want them to be too cute, instead I looked for a pair with an edge. These are my first gloves, my pink and green 12oz warriors! Aren’t they cool?! You can see I’m an 80’s kid.

Glove Pretorian

I bought them in Brazil from the local brand Pretorian. It ranges as an OK brand, a decent choice to start with, but not top qualities. For my training purposes I am very satisfied with them. I should add that the ones I bought are of a better quality than the starting models of this brand. These cost me about US$ 50. Brazil is in general an expensive country, therefore the price was higher than a comparable model in the US or Europe.


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