Meet the gwb’s becomes the German train

It wasn’t long till I got my fighter name, i.e. the nickname which uniquely fits my personality and box style. I got mine in Brazil, in my first ever gym.

I am locomotiva alemã (port.), the German train.

Being German in Brazil of course had me stand out and easily made for a good description. Why train you might wonder? It could be the consistency, accuracy or precision of German engineering which earned me the title. You could even think of me being known for punctuality in an otherwise flighty society. Surely all possible explanations, but no.

In my carioca (adjective and demonym for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) gym, we would be thrown into the water without hesitation and sparred against experienced and often much bigger boxers. Unimpressed and fearless I unleashed unknown capabilities. With uninterrupted pulsating hits I pushed my adversaries backwards into the corner once they left me an opening. Like an unstoppable train in full motion at high speed I easily hit 10, 20 times in a row.

Hence, German train.


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