Rope skipping

What a drag you would say. And so it goes with many activities we are reluctant to do because they are oh so hard, but we are extremely content and proud having done them. Rarely do we look forward to studying or exercising, but the accomplished feeling afterwards is unrivaled.

Rope skipping stands at the beginning of most workout sessions. It is a proper indoor warm up when space is limited. As a cardio routine it enhances endurance. Skipping has similar effects as running. Which in turn isn’t a great option for many smaller gyms. Usually you will train in a group. Warming up with skipping instead of running allows for the group to be closer together and quickly switch to a strengthening exercise in between. Skipping trumps running as it trains ankles and teaches footwork.

For proper skipping look for a rope matching your height. Too short or too long will distract you from smooth momentum. While swinging the rope avoid using to much arm movement. Instead let your wrist do the rotation with a loose grip. Start by lightly jumping to get into your rhythm. Be flexible on your feet and readily jump from one to the other. Being stiff on jumping with both feet at the same time will tire your ankles.

You’ll easily be doing this for 10 or more minutes. To spice things up, try some of the following varieties. If you don’t get it at first, don’t worry, there is some coordination and learning involved. It gets easier with practice.

  • crossing the rope
  • backwards
  • jumping jacks
  • lunges
  • double skip

If you are interested we can cover some of these varieties in more detail in another post.


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