Studios around the world

As I go along training and travelling I will visit studios around the world. If any one of you wishes to contribute and present the studio you go to, I will be delighted to include it here.

I started boxing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and continue in the Hamburg area of Northern Germany. I’m in my second studio now. While each is different in style, there is a strong sense of community and likemindedness to all of them. The studios I go to are mixed. Frequently, I’m the only girl in the studio. I see it as a challenge to keep up with the big guys and have always been treated well. Some of you might prefer an all girls gym or class though, if there are any. We will cover all types of studios here.

If you are one of the people that need to drag themselves to working-out, reachability of your gym is key. I admit, I don’t always feel 100% motivated when going to train. I go because if the gym is close there is not much of an excuse. The reward awaits you only after a while, but with time you have experienced it enough that you know you can count on it. Feeling your own power when you are deep into the session, the continuous improvement of your skills and your body, and let’s face it the high when the session is over and you did it!


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