Equipment and styles

This section is to give you an overview of the equipment basics and stay up-to-date. From bandages and gloves to mouthguard and headgear if you want to hit the ring.

For the essential training, all you need is yourself and comfortable work-out gear. You can train barefooted or with shoes, that’s all up to you.

In fact barefoot training has a lot of benefits because it strengthens your feet and makes your body more adapt to absorb shocks from movements. In the long run you’ll face less injuries, but most of us are “civilized”. Our bodies have weakend compared to our natural states due to use of gear. Observe your feet well, if they can take the training tolls or if you prefer protection and proper shoes.

Of course we want to be in style, don’t we girls? Let’s talk about cool work-out clothes for the season and new features.

Mostly, you’ll train in an equipped gym, but if you are a fully converted box girl, you could also want to set up your own gym at home or even your office. Let’s look at punching bags and training equipments then.


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