Meet the girl who boxes

A girl shoe box? No, the shoe just dropped.

Girl who boxes

Credits: ALUHH e.V.

I start by sharing my story and what makes boxing such a life changing workout. It have been only 5 months since I started boxing, but the spirit grapples me every time I’m about to go to training. The reward of boxing is immense for body and mind.

I have always been slim and exercised to some extend, but am far from being an athletic person. Sports I recreationally – as in irregularly – practice are running, hiking and volleyball. My starting position was favorable, but nothing to brag about either. I could run my 5 miles and still feel good about it or hike for 3 to 4 hours. I could do a few sit-ups and push-ups. My My goal isn’t becoming a competitive boxer. Instead I simply love the training and how much better I feel with it in my life. I am 32 years and have never been in better shape than now after just a short period of time.

Why I started boxing just now was as many things in life random. In a way it has become a game changer, as it keeps me fit while being the welcoming distraction when things don’t go as planned. Also it inspired me to my very first blog. Hello world, this is me. You see, I’m a peaceful one, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have fun as a child fake fighting with my older brother in a ring made up by a rectangular blanket in the living room. Mittens served as our boxing gloves. It’s not boxing, but watching the big mean guys like Hulk Hogan wrestle was a reason to turn on the TV during my childhood.
When I got into gym exercising at 18, my favorite class was Tae Bo. A late 90’s craze which combines aerobics with martial arts elements, like Zumba did with Latin dancing a decade later. I loved the high energy from kicking it to deep sweats. After moving to the city for being closer to college other gyms didn’t have Tae Bo in their program, not to omit that I lazed around and didn’t follow through with gym exercising as much. Running became a regular habit, where I didn’t need a membership, the roads were always open for me.
Nevertheless, the small seed to fully power out with punches was planted in my head, it just needed that last push of opportunity of an inviting gym nearby. I grew up in Hamburg where male boxing is big, but it is also something underground and shady. Could that be the right ambience for a sunny girl like me? General piece of advice, if you like something say it. Opportunities come with speaking out. As I did the casual mentioning, friends pointed me towards a studio just 3 blocks from where I lived. It wasn’t dubious at all, bright yellow to the contrary. Eventually I passed by, did a free session and after overcoming a memorable muscle soreness, I was in for the long-run.


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